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50 Years of Cars to Color, Fold and Display

By: Arceneaux, Marc; Illustrated by Timothy Gauss

Price: $10.00

Publisher: Troubador Press: 1975

Edition: Second Printing

Seller ID: 18756

32 pages; Folio (12.25") 31 cm; Tall softcover, fold-and-staple binding, 32 pages, of which 12 pages have illustrated instructions and 20 pages (10 leaves) have b/w line diagrams to be cut out and assembled (scissors, glue, colored pencils, etc, not included) ; This item is from collection of Peter H. Foss, founder and former president, Michigan Model Car Collectors. ; Isbn 0912300582. Designs by Marc Arceneaux. Illustrations by Marc Arceneaux and Timothy Gauss. ; No... View more info

Royal Leerdam Crystal 1960 : N. V. Koninklijke Nederlandsche Glasfabriek Leerdam

By: Author Unknown

Price: $14.00

Publisher: N. V. Koninklijke Nederlandsche Glasfabriek Leerdam: 1960

Seller ID: 13823

72 pages; Oblong 12mo (7.5") 19 cm; Beautiful color glossy catalog of fine crystal made by Leerdam, Netherlands. Text, of which there is very little, is in parallel French, German, English, and Spanish. 81 b/w photos and 30 monochrome illustrations showing hundreds of items, including stemware, plates, bowls, pitchers, ashtrays, candleholders, vases, etc. ; Catalog shows 22 named patterns, which are: Boccale. Carola. Ceres. Coronet. Forta. Gilde (glad). Gilde (geslep... View more info

Image for Old Farm Tools and Machinery :  An Illustrated History

Old Farm Tools and Machinery : An Illustrated History

By: Blandford, Percy W. >>

Price: $29.00

Publisher: Gale Research Company;: 1976

Seller ID: 20323

188 pages; 8vo (9") 23 cm; Hardcover, black cloth, 188 pages, index, bibliography, glossary, appendix, 41 pages of line drawings (many showing complex machines and how they work) and 30 b/w plates, totaling hundreds of items shown and described. ; Early tools, mechanical implements, harvesters, threshers, reapers, potato spinners, animal-powered machines, steam-powered machines, gasoline (petrol) powered machines, tractors, combines, much more. Includes antique and v... View more info

Escapements, the : Their Action, Construction and Proportion (Clocks and Watches)

By: Britton, F. J. (Frederick James Britten)

Price: $23.00

Publisher: George K. Hazlitt & Company: 1895

Seller ID: 16852

66 pages; 8vo (9") 23 cm; Hardcover, blue cloth, no exterior lettering, tan floral-pattern endpapers, 66 pages, 21 detailed b/w diagrams with captions. ; Published in Chicago by George K. Hazlitt & Company, 1895.; Topics: Lever escapement. Cylinder escapement. Chronometer escapement. Pin pallet escapement. Pin wheel escapement. Duplex escapement. Dead beat escapement. Anchor escapement. Verge escapement. ; Very minor wear. Pages are slightly yellowed from age. No mar... View more info

Hymne au Parfum, Deux Siecles d'Histoire dans les Arts Decoratifs et la Mode Musee des Arts : Hymn to Perfume, Two Centuries of the Decorative Art and Fashion of Perfume

By: Brunhammer, Yvonne, and Georges Vindry

Price: $30.00

Publisher: Musee des Arts Decoratifs Louvre: 1990

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 19364

100 pages; 4to (10.75") 28 cm; French text throughout. Tall softcover, 100 glossy pages of text, 30 b/w photos in text, plus large rear pocket containing 40 color glossy plates with captions. Plates depict antique and modern perfume bottles, perfume advertisements by great artists, etc. ; Isbn 2901422292. Addfitional material written by Henriette Touillier Feyrabend, Jean-Luc Olivie, Claudette Joannis, Fabienne Falluel, Rejane Bargiel. ; Light wear to exterior which ... View more info

Greek Revival Influence on American Clock Case Design and Empire Clock Case Development, the : NAWCC Bulletin Supplement 18, Spring 1991

By: Davis, Lee H., and Kathy I. Everett

Price: $8.00

Publisher: National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors;: 1991

Seller ID: 20422

112 pages; 4to (11") 28 cm; Tall pale gray-green softcover, 112 glossy pages, bibliography, over 200 high-quality b/w photos and diagrams with detailed captions. ; Focuses on antique American clock cases from about 1815 to 1860, of the Empire and Greek Revival periods. ; Only a touch of shelfwear. ; NAWCC Bulletin Supplement Series; Vol. 18 View more info

Whitman at Auction, 1899-1972 : (Signed)

By: Francis, Gloria A., and Artem Lozynsky ; Illustrated by Earle A. Williamson

Price: $10.00

Publisher: Gale Research Company: 1978

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 12278

471 pages; 4to (10.25") 26 cm; Hardcover, dark blue cloth, [xxxii] + 471 pages, facsimile documents on endpapers, index, 2 appendixes, numerous b/w facsimile illustrations, 42 auction catalogs from 1899 to 1872 reprinted, with prices realized added in margins, as issued. Front blank page warmly inscribed and SIGNED by Charles Feinberg (co-author) and dated July 1st, 1985. ; Memorabilia of the great poet Walt Whitman. Intro and one appendix by Charles Feinberg. Photos... View more info

Raggedy Ann and Andy Family Album, The

By: Garrison, Susan Ann; Illustrated by Gwen Daniels

Price: $6.00

Publisher: Schiffer Publishing: 1989

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 12343

144 pages; 4to (11") 28 cm; Tall softcover, tan pictorial covers, 144 glossy pages, bibliography, value guide, over 250 high-quality full-color photos with detailed captions. ; Tons of fascinating info on collectible dolls; also has chapter on Raggedy Ann & Andy books, toys and other accessories. ; Light bump to upper rear tip. Spine slightly faded but quite readable. No other flaws. ; Item laid in: Photocopy of story of pair of circa 1915 Raggedy Ann & Andy dolls so... View more info

Treatise Upon the Useful Science of Defence, a : Connecting the Small and Back-Sword, and Shewing the Affinity between Them

By: Godfrey, John

Price: $10.00

Publisher: Andesite Press;: 2017

Seller ID: 20338

84 pages; 8vo (9") 23 cm; Black softcover, [x] + 66 + 8 pages, 84 total pages, catch-words throughout. ; Originally published 1748. This is a facsmimle reprint edition produced from the 1748 edition. This edition 2017. ; Topics: Theory of the sword. Practice of the small and back-sword. Characters [profiles] of the masters. Boxing. Characters [profiles] of the boxers. ; No defects to book; however, original text (reproduced here) does show a few spots and blotches. View more info

Polish Amber

By: Grabowska, Janina

Price: $16.00

Publisher: Interpress Publishers: 1983

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 17302

152 pages; 4to (11.5") 30 cm; ENGLISH text throughout. Tall hardcover, beautiful gray cloth, gold lettering, green illustrated endpapers, 152 pages, being 40 pages of text (with 9 b/w illustrations) + 112 high-gloss pages with 161 stunning high-quality full-color photos showing ancient and modern objects, jewelry, beads, crosses, ornate boxes, etc, made of amber, with captions. ; Pubilshed in Warsaw by Interpress Publishers, 1983. English translation by Emma Harris. ... View more info

Black Ops Bricks : How to Build Your Own Model Military and Armored Fighting Vehicles (Lego)

By: Grant, Nick

Price: $12.00

Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing: 2014

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 20284

256 pages; 8vo (9") 23 cm; Black and gray softcover, 256 glossy pages, complete fully-illustrated instructions for building (from Lego or any similar product) eight military vehicles: Local patrol or sentry vehicle, Swallow-tail attack helicopter, Snub-nose off-roader, Desert recon vehicle, Armored transport, Backup helicopter, Mobile missile battery, Vertical take-off-and-landing fighter jet. Minimal text. ; 1st printing, 2014, stated. One of the best unauthorized L... View more info

Bulletin, The, International Association of Automotive Modelers, Lot of 8 Issues : Volume 17, Number 1, Jan-Feb 1967 to Vol-17, No-6, Nov-Dec 1967 ; Plus Vol-15, No-5, Sep-Oct 1966

By: Jensen, Phil

Price: $24.00

Publisher: IAAM: International Association of Automotive Modelers: 1967

Seller ID: 5607

4to (11") 28cm; Newsletter-style publication. Each issue hole-punched and placed in loose-leaf binder by subscriber. ; 12 to 20 pages per issue, plus front and rear covers. Numerous b/w photos and line drawings, several fold-out illustrations. ; This lot from collection of Peter Foss, founder and vice president, Toy Car Collectors Club, author of several articles. Also includes original carbons of 7 hand-written pages of draft article by same, dated 1968. ; No defect... View more info

Rare and Expensive Postcards : A Price Guide

By: Kaduck, John M. ; Illustrated by Otto Schutte

Price: $7.00

Publisher: Wallace-Homestead Book Company: 1974

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 19722

88 pages; 4to (11") 28 cm; Tall green softcover, 88 pages, index, appendix, 955 collectible antique American postcards shown in b/w photos, grouped by series and type, with current (1974) values. Some nudes. ; 1st edition, 1974, stated. Photos by Otto Schutte. ; Light exterior wear, including three very light crosscracks to spine. Interior clean, binding tight. View more info

Language of the Robe : American Indian Trade Blankets

By: Kapoun, Robert W. and Charles J. Lohrmann

Price: $14.00

Publisher: Gibbs-Smith Publisher: 1992

Seller ID: 19776

192 pages; 4to (11.25") 29 cm; Tall hardcover, [xii] + 180 glossy pages, bibliography, over 300 photos including several historical b/w photos and over 200 blankets shows in full color, with detailed captions. ; Foreword by Patrick T. Houlihan. Additional chapters by Rain Parrish, Luther Standing Bear, others. Includes info on native handmade blankets as wells as collector blankets made by Pendleton and other blanket mills in 1940s and earlier. ; Owner taped seller's... View more info

Lego Ninjago, Masters of Spinjitzu : Build an Adventure

By: Last, Shari, and Lisa Lanzarini

Price: $8.00

Publisher: Dorling Kindersley/DK Publishing: 2013

Seller ID: 20420

48 pages; 4to (10.75") 28 cm; Tall red softcover, 48 glossy pages, parts list, illustrated throughout with full-color photos and diagrams. Several brief action-adventure scenarios described. Includes instructions for building 14 Lego ninja toys including vehicles, buildings, and a mecha (robot) warrior. ; A touch of shelfwear only. View more info

Heritage of Upper Canadian Furniture, the : (Ontario, Canada) a Study in the Survival of Formal and Vernacular Styles from Britain, America and Europe, 1780-1900

By: Pain, Howard

Price: $24.00

Publisher: Prospero Books: 1997

Seller ID: 16413

548 pages; Folio (12.25") 31 cm; Tall heavy hardcover, brown pictorial boards, brown endpapers, 548 glossy pages, index, bibliography, glossary, endnotes, 1347 items shown in high-quality photos and described in detail. Many photos in full color. ; Copyright 1984. This edition 1997. Foreword by Dean A. Fales Jr. Introduction by William Kilbourn. ; Simply gorgeous, one of the best books on antique furniture ever published, and the only comprehensive overview of antiqu... View more info

Watch Case Makers of England : A History and Register of Gold and Silver Watch Case Makers of England, 1720-1920

By: Priestley, Philip T.

Price: $13.00

Publisher: National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors: 1994

Seller ID: 20470

216 pages; 4to (11") 28 cm; Tall white softcover, 216 glossy pages, index, 6 appendixes, 8 small maps; 126 b/w figures, photos and tables, with captions. ; Seven watches shown in full color on covers. ; Only a touch of shelfwear. ; NAWCC Bulletin Supplement Series; Vol. 20 View more info

Eight Day Wood Movement Shelf Clocks : Their Cases, Their Movements, Their Makers, NAWCC Bulletin Supplement 19, Spring 1993

By: Rogers, Bryan, and Snowden Taylor, with Amy J. Smith

Price: $10.00

Publisher: National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors: 1993

Seller ID: 20423

60 pages; 4to (11") 28 cm; Tall white softcover, 60 glossy pages, endnotes, 5 tables of stats, over 150 high-quality b/w photos with detailed captions. ; Focuses on antique American eight-day wood-movement shelf clocks of the 1830s and 1840s. ; Only a touch of shelfwear. ; NAWCC Bulletin Supplement Series; Vol. 19 View more info

Fire Truck Toys for Men and Boys, Volume 2 : (Volume II)

By: Russell, Ray M., and Ronny J. Coleman

Price: $15.00

Publisher: Phenix Technology: 1982

Seller ID: 15748

180 pages; 4to (11") 28 cm; Tall softcover, red covers, list of dealers, hundreds of b/w photos with detailed captions, 6 photos in full color. Glossy throughout. ; Isbn 0910105014. Covers toy fire engines, rescue vehicles, firemen, as well as collectible helmets. Authored by two collectors who happen to manufacture fire fighting helmets. ; We have graded this book only Fair. Both covers edgeworn. Inside front cover, front b/w photo of Jonathan Winters, inside rear c... View more info

Elegant Epergne, the : From the Bunny and Charles Koppelman Collection

By: Spillman, Jane Shadel; Illustrated by Trudy Schlachter

Price: $12.00

Publisher: Harry N. Abrams: 1995

Seller ID: 4285

144 pages; 4to (12") 31 cm; Tall hardcover, green cloth, 144 glossy pages, endnotes, footnotes, bibliographies, several b/w illustrations, 83 spectacular full-color photos with captions. ; Co-authored by Susan S. Hermanos and Gregory A. Kuharic. Brief glossaries by Gay LeClaire Taylor and Janet Zapata. ; History of decorative glass centerpieces of 18th-20th century, with prime examples. ; No discernable wear to book or jacket. View more info